Combined Communications Network (CCN)

About the CCN

Pierce Transit and the County formed this joint venture in the public interest to support the development, operation, and maintenance of a combined radio communication interoperability network for purposes of ensuring communications for Pierce Transit's system and for the County's public safety programs as well as for the benefit of such other public agencies as added in the future.


The CCN is an innovative first responder communication enterprise organization and regional leader.


As stewards of public resources, the CCN manages and delivers interoperable, safe, standardized, and flexible communications for first responder use with regional partners, and serving and protecting communities through the sustainment of next generation communication technologies using lean business practices, standards-based decision making, value-based strategic objectives and the use of integrated business systems.

Executive Board Members

  • Gary Robinson, Pierce County Finance Director - Chair
  • Susan Dreier, Pierce Transit Chief Executive Officer - Vice Chair
  • Dan Roach, Pierce County Councilmember
  • Rick Talbert, Pierce Transit Commissioner

Executive Director

  • Lowell Porter, Pierce County Emergency Management Director
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Danni Colo
Board Clerk