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Latest News

Broadway Center on the Road 
The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts and Pierce County present "Broadway Center on the Road," which is intimate concerts where there are no barriers between the audience and the performer, all in your neighborhood! This event is coming to Gig Harbor's Paradise Theater, September 9, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. You can purchase tickets and find out more information on the website.

Broadway Center_thumb.jpeg

Young proposes Pierce County behavioral health study

More and more research suggests that drug and alcohol abuse can be symptoms of an underlying mental illness. Is Pierce County doing enough to identify and treat those who suffer from behavioral health issues? Erich Ebel speaks with Pierce County Councilmembers Derek Young and Connie Ladenburg about their proposal to deal with it.

TNT: County must take stock of mental health needs

Because Pierce County has reached the point where doing nothing to address the growing mental health crisis is actually costing more than taking action, we’ve introduced Council Resolution R2015-91 that takes the first step toward finding an effective solution. It simply makes good ethical and financial sense to conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of where service gaps exist, what their impact on county services are, where investments should be made and what success should look like. Click to read more...

TNT: County Council should let referendum challenge play out

If the proposed citizens’ referendum against a planned Pierce County office tower were clearly legal, shame on anyone who’d try to keep it off the ballot. But competent legal authority suggests the referendum — filed by a Peninsula anti-school group — isn’t permitted under the county charter. Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy has made the right move by challenging it in court. Read the rest of The News Tribune's opinion here.

TNT: Lawsuit against referendum isn’t easy, but it is right

Recently, Pierce County filed a lawsuit to stop a referendum that would harm county government and its institutions. With guidance from legal counsel, it’s clear to me that there is an exemption in the county charter intended specifically for cases like this. Last month, the County Council voted to go ahead with plans to build a new general services building to consolidate programs and services. Doing so would eliminate wasteful leases and reduce our payroll. While the $230 million price tag is hefty, the cost of not building a new facility would easily surpass $300 million – a burden I’m not willing to lay at the foot of taxpayers. Ultimately, it was a difficult vote but certainly the right thing to do. Read the rest of my editorial here.

Councilmember Derek Young on Pierce County Talks

Pierce County Talks is PCTV's in-depth discussion program. Host David Hinman explores topical issues with the people involved. In this episode, Hinman talks to Derek Young of Gig Harbor, the newest member of the Pierce County Council representing the seventh district.

About Councilmember Derek Young

Councilmember Young serves District 7 which encompasses:

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Room 1046
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