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County Charter & Code
Notes & Disclaimer About the Pierce County Code
This is not the official source for citation to the Pierce County Code. To insure that you are viewing the most recent update of a particular section, chapter or title of the code, please contact the Pierce County Code Reviser at (253) 798-7777.

Page two of every title is blank. This is not an error - it was intentionally done for printing purposes only. If you continue scrolling past the blank page, you will reach the language of the title.

Not all diagrams or illustrations adopted as part of the Pierce County Code are included here at this time. If you are unable to find a particular diagram or illustration, please contact the Pierce County Code Reviser.

Pierce County Code & Charter

If you experience difficulties with any of the following links to the Pierce County Code, please contact us; you can request that we email the code title to you. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free to access the documents.


Pierce County Charter

Entire Code

Entire Pierce County Code (Large file - 27.2 MB)

Title 1

General Provisions

Title 2


Title 3


Title 4

Revenue and Finance

Title 4A

Impact Fees

Title 5

Business Licenses and Regulations

Title 6


Title 7

Water Supply

Title 8

Health and Welfare

Title 9

Criminal Code

Title 10

Vehicles, Ferries and Traffic

Title 11

Storm Drainage and Surface Water Management

Title 12

Roads and Rights-of-Way

Title 13

Sewer Code

Title 14

Parks and Recreation

Title 15


Title 16

Subdivisions and Platting

Title 17A

Construction and Infrastructure Regulations – Site Development and Stormwater Drainage

Title 17B

Construction and Infrastructure Regulations – Road and Bridge Design and Construction Standards

Title 17C

Construction and Infrastructure Regulations – Building and Fire Codes

Title 18

Development Regulations - General Provisions

Title 18A

Development Regulations – Zoning

Title 18B

Development Regulations – Signs

Title 18C

Title 18C was recodified.  See Title 17A.

Title 18D

Development Regulations – Environmental

Title 18E

Development Regulations – Critical Areas

Title 18F

Development Regulations – Land Divisions and Boundary Changes

Title 18G

Development Regulations – Conservation Program

Title 18H

Development Regulations – Forest Practices

Title 18I

Development Regulations – Natural Resource Lands

Title 18J

Development Regulations – Design Standards and Guidelines

Title 19

Comprehensive Plan – History and Background

Title 19A

Comprehensive Plan

Title 19B

Community Plans

Title 19C

Comprehensive Plan Procedures

Title 19D

Other Comprehensive Planning Documents

Title 19E

Capital Facilities Planning

Title 20

Shoreline Management Use Regulations

C-R Table 1

Cross Reference Table - 1962 Zoning Code and 1975 Gig Harbor Development Regulations

C-R Table 2

Cross Reference Table - 1975 Pierce County Code

C-R Table 3

Cross Reference Table - Revised Pierce County Code (1986)

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