Court Commissioners

Court Commissioners preside over various divisions such as Civil, Juvenile, Civil Mental Health, Adoptions, and Criminal. Listing of current Court Commissioners.


Four Commissioners hear and decide a variety of civil matters in Divisions A, B, C, and Ex Parte. The type of cases scheduled and heard are listed on the division calendar.

Access the Division Calendars

Adoptions & Juvenile Court

Two Commissioners hear and decide matters arising under the juvenile laws and other matters, including finalization of adoptions. For more information regarding Adoption and Juvenile Court Services, please visit the Juvenile Court Website.

Civil Mental Health

A Commissioner hears matters relating to the involuntary commitment, treatment, and release of individuals alleged to be suffering from mental disorder or alcoholism. These matters are heard at Western State Hospital. Protocols for Less Restrictive Alternative Orders.


The Criminal Court Commissioner presides over hearings related to criminal offenses, including arraignments, omnibus hearings, pleas, and other matters, but not sentencings (unless stipulated by both parties) or criminal jury trials. The Criminal Court Commissioner is located in Criminal Division Two/Courtroom 270 on the second floor of the County-City Building.