Food Waste Best Management Practices

Our Solution for Food Waste
workshopIn 2011, we identified available options for managing the food waste in our system. We presented the options at a series of public meetings, including an online virtual workshop, and asked our customers what options they preferred.

The feedback from the workshops directly led to the development of best management practices for food waste in Pierce County:
  • Waste reduction of all materials, including food
  • Food waste composting program for businesses
  • Landfill diversion for bulky items (wood, metal)

Recommendations for Food Waste
Learn about the results of the food waste study.
Reasonable Management Practices Study
This report identified reasonable options for Pierce County.
Virtual Workshop
This virtual workshop was for anyone who couldn't attend one of our workshops in person. The displays below are identical to the ones we set up at the workshops in 2012. Workshop attendees looked at each of the displays below before they continued on to a survey. The images will open in a new tab or browser window. Click on the image to zoom in and out.