Solicitations and Competitive Bids

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Solicitation # Name Description Workshop Date Due Date Attachments
19-001-DD-EDPS Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Employment and Day Program Services Pierce County Human Services, Developmental Disabilities Program, is soliciting qualified providers to
deliver supported employment and day services to eligible adults with developmental disabilities, ages
twenty-one (21) and up. Regardless of the specific employment service that an individual initially
receives, the long-term objective is the achievement of paid employment in the community, at minimum
wage or higher.
  Open and Continuous 19-001-DD-EDPS
19-003-Homeless-PSH-HHC Notice of Funding Availability Permanent Supportive Housing for Households with Children The County is looking to create new PSH projects that leverage Foundational Community Support (FCS) funds for services. Using FCS funds for services is not a requirement, but projects that can demonstrate match with FCS will be scored higher. However, projects are required to refer all eligible households for FCS services. FCS services may be provided by the same agency or provided by an outside entity. PSH units can be located anywhere throughout Pierce County. Each household must have at least one minor child.  August 23, 2019 September 13, 2019 19-003-Homeless-PSH-HHC