Featured Sites - Reise Farm and Orting Valley Farms

Reise Farm

Reise Farm is the first County TDR transaction. It conserved 120 acres of farmland and habitat in the Puyallup Valley (click on the map below to view the location). It was highly threatened with the pressure to convert before PCC Farmland Trust, Pierce County Parks Conservation Futures Program, and Pierce County Planning and Land Services collaborated to buy and conserve the property. Reise Farm’s development rights were deposited into the County’s TDR Bank. The County can use the money from this transaction to make additional purchases or transfers.

Two local farmers currently lease portions of the site from PCC Farmland Trust. The southern portion of the property produces blueberries, corn, pumpkins, and squash that are sold in local markets. The blueberries located in the central portion of the property are approximately 70 years old and some of the varieties are considered heritage species. The farmer that leases the northern portion of the property raises free-range cows, pigs, sheep, and poultry.
Reise Farm Location Map
Reise site picture 3.jpg
Reise Farm Corn Field

Orting Valley Farms

Orting Valley farms was a $1.2 million land-preservation project. This PDR transaction conserved the Ford Dairy Farm – 100 acres of farmland that dates back several generations (click on the map below to view the location). Pierce County, along with PCC Farmland Trust, and the State Recreation and Conservation Office bought the development rights. The original landowner received the same selling price she would have received if she had of sold the land to developers.

PCC Farmland Trust found farmers willing to purchase the agricultural land. Three organic farms use the site: Sanford, Little Eorthe Farm, and Tahoma Farms. This project is a triumph for preserving farmland in Pierce County. The conservation easement guarantees that the land will remain agricultural land forever.
Orting Valley Farm Location Map
People Working in Orting Valley Field
Pig in Field
Orting valley farm field