Community Plan Updates

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Each community’s Land Use Advisory Commission and the Pierce County Planning Commission will hold two meetings per community plan. At the first meeting, County staff will provide a presentation about proposed changes, public testimony will be taken, and the commission may start discussion if time permits. At the second meeting, public testimony may continue if needed, and the commission will have discussion, can make amendments to the proposal, and will provide a final recommendation. Recommendations will be forwarded to the County Council for final consideration later this year.

Please note: the open house portion prior to the meeting start time is informational only and staff will be available to answer any questions from the public.

Land Use Advisory Commission Staff Reports

Online Open House
Learn more about the proposed updates to the four community plans. We've included a short survey at the end to gather your feedback.

Draft Community Plans
Read the draft Community Plans

Draft Development Regulations
Read the draft Development Regulations
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Due to a printing error caused by a vendor, there are issues with notices sent about potential rezones in the Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland, and South Hill communities.
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What is a community plan?

A community plan is a policy document that describes the vision for the community, including the following elements: land use, design and character, economic development, environment, facilities and services, transportation, and history. Community plans provide specialization beyond what is described in Pierce County’s Comprehensive Plan

Community Plan Updates

Pierce County is updating community plans for Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland, and South Hill communities. Each update will include a review of individual community issues and may identify issues that are common to all four areas. These plans are being updated simultaneously, because they make up the majority of the County’s central urban growth area. The major roads through the areas are connected, as are many of the issues facing these communities such as: rapid growth, traffic, jobs, and housing.

Search the interactive map for more details about areas proposed to be rezoned.

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