$5 Million lawsuit against county dismissed

$5 Million lawsuit against county dismissed

The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office secured a major victory in May when a $5 million lawsuit claiming false arrest and malicious prosecution was dismissed.

The lawsuit was filed by Lynn Dalsing, a woman previously charged with sex crimes against children. The Prosecutor’s Office and Pierce County stood by their position that she was lawfully arrested and charged.

“We will always fight to protect children, fight to make our community safer, and fight for what’s right,” said Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. “As President Lincoln said, truth is the best vindication.”

Dalsing has now dismissed all her claims, in both state and federal court, rather than proceed to trial. She publicized her lawsuits and even sued for a settlement, but gave up and received nothing when the county and the Prosecutor’s Office took a strong stand against her baseless claims.

“Prosecutors charged Lynn Dalsing because evidence showed she facilitated crimes against children,” said Richard Jolley, an attorney representing the county. “Despite obstacles, our clients stuck to their guns because they knew they acted appropriately and ethically. This is a great victory for the Prosecutor’s Office, the Sheriff’s Department and the people of Pierce County.”

Lynn Dalsing was charged in 2010 with child molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor when three young girls, including her daughter and a neighbor girl, disclosed they were being sexually abused by Dalsing’s husband, a previously convicted sex offender. Dalsing left her registered sex offender husband alone with the children. Dalsing’s husband pleaded guilty to the rape and molestation of the girls.

When the prosecutor’s office learned that a photograph found on Dalsing’s home computer of a naked woman and young girl did not depict Dalsing and her daughter, the Prosecutor’s Office dropped the charges against her “without prejudice,” which meant the case was still open for investigation and possible charges at a later date.

Dalsing filed a civil lawsuit against Pierce County alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution. In the course of the civil suit, more evidence came to light and criminal charges were refiled.

When the criminal case was terminated over their objections, prosecutors fought the civil cases, which resulted in dismissals.

“Our strong stand against these two baseless lawsuits should serve as a deterrent against other ill-conceived claims,” said Prosecutor Lindquist.