12th Avenue South / 124th Street South (CRP 5877)

What's Happening

Engineering: We are working on the preliminary engineering for the project. This includes laying out the proposed improvements, figuring out storm drainage needs, coordinating with utility companies, and determining right-of-way needs.

Land: Most of the improvements are expected to fit within the existing right-of-way. Right-of-way acquisitions may be necessary in limited locations.
Picture of the vicinity map of the project location
Picture of the project photo

About the Project

Planned improvements to 12th Avenue South and 124th Street South (CRP 5877) are intended to increase overall pedestrian safety, mobility, and ADA accessibility within the project limits. The improvements would include the following:

  • Installing new sidewalk on the north side of 124th Street South between 12th Avenue South and 10th Avenue South, and on the east side of 10th Avenue South between 123rd Street South and 124th Street South.
  • Providing illumination on 124th Street South.
  • Adding a new marked crosswalk across 12th Avenue South just north of 123rd Street South.
  • Installing a pedestrian crossing beacon and illumination at the crosswalk.
Picture of the projects typical roadway section
Picture of the project right-of-way plans cover sheet

Project Timeline

March 2018 to March 2020: Field data collection, engineering design, right-of-way plans, environmental documentation, construction plans, specifications, and estimate.

March 2020: Project Advertisement
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