Community Advisory Committee 

As your Pierce County Prosecutor, it is my job to help keep our community safe. Keeping our community safe is not our only duty in the Prosecutor’s Office, but it is our main duty. The Community Advisory Committee of ordinary citizens provides valuable insight into the communities we serve. Their input helps us achieve our  goal of a safer community.” 

Prosecutor Mark Lindquist


In 2017, Prosecutor Mark Lindquist formed the Community Advisory Committee to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Community Advisory Committee

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Enhance public safety;
  • Explore potential solutions for improving the Criminal Justice System;
  • Increase knowledge and understanding on matters relating to crime, crime prevention, and criminal justice in Pierce County; and
  • Provide a two-way communication channel between the community and the Prosecutor’s Office so that the office can best serve the public we represent.


Members reflect the geographic, racial, ethnic, cultural, and ideological diversity of Pierce County. They are directly appointed by the Prosecutor.


The committee meets quarterly with special meetings called if needed.