Our Plan to address the Opioid Crisis

The Pierce County Opioid Task Force action plan focuses on wellness and the whole spectrum of prevention in its three domains: 
  1. 1)Prevention & Education
  2. 2) Access to Treatment
  3. 3) The Right Services

1. Prevention/education: The initial efforts will focus on students and the family and community around them. They will encompass media and social marketing campaigns and community education.

  • Implement/expand evidence-based health-risk behavior (including substance abuse) school programs.
  • Conduct education, outreach, and social marketing to parents and community members to create positive norms and behaviors.
As the County-City Task Force continues to refine and implement the action plan, it will improve health, raise awareness, reduce stigma, and address many of the barriers identified in Section I. Participation in the NLC Mayors Institute is timely in give us guidance on how to: Create an effective regional strategy to respond to the opioid epidemic and Shift from tertiary prevention to wellness and primary and secondary prevention.

The City of Tacoma, Pierce County, and our partners are ready to move forward.