About the Community Plan Updates

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About the Community Plan Updates
This will be the first major update to the Community Plans since they were adopted in the early 2000s.

Community plans lay out the character, vision and goals of each community, and provide direction on how your community grows.

They include information on issues such as:
  • What property owners can do with their property
  • Access to services and amenities such as transit and parks
  • Commute times and traffic
  • The look and feel of a community
What is a Community Plan?
A community plan includes policies and information related to:
  • Land use
  • Community character
  • Economic development
  • Environment
  • Facilities and services
  • Transportation
  • Background and history of the plan area
Community Plans
Plan adopted in 2003
2017 population: 26,200

Plan adopted in 2005
2017 population: 30,800

Plan adopted in 2002
2017 population: 76,700

South Hill
Plan adopted in 2003
2017 population: 56,300

All Plans (2017)
Urban area: 89%
Rural area: 11%
Population: 190,000
Population increase since 2000: +55,700 or 41.5%
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The Update process
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Pierce County held open houses in each community in spring 2017 to discuss the updates, community identity and issues and gather feedback. An online open house was offered to those that could not attend. Staff also met with stakeholders and community groups in spring and summer 2017.

Using feedback from the community, Pierce County and the Land Use Advisory Commissions (LUACs) for the four areas drafted updates to the plans and development regulations.

The Land Use Advisory Commissions are expected to hold public meetings this spring to hear from the community about the proposed plans and development regulations.

Prior to each meeting, there will be a short open house with an overview of the Community Plan. After considering public testimony, each Commission will make a final recommendation on the Plan for their area. The recommendations will then be sent to the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission is expected to hold public hearings in late spring or early summer and send its final recommendation to the Pierce County Council.

The Pierce County Council is expected to hold public hearings in late 2019 and early 2020 to determine whether to adopt changes and set an effective date.
Submit your feedback
Online Open House
Complete the survey at the end of this online open house.
Draft Environmental Impact Statement
A draft environmental impact statement about the updates is being prepared. This document analyzes the potential impacts of the updates along with potential alternatives.

Learn more about the draft environmental impact statement.
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Planning Commission
Pierce County Council

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