Swan Creek Bank Stabilization At 64th Street 

What's Happening

Channel erosion in the upper segments of the creek combined with sediment deposits in the lower portions have contributed to a loss of habitat. Channel erosion also impairs fish passage and increases downstream maintenance costs. The Puyallup Tribe of Indians has recently commissioned design efforts to address this problem. Pierce County is now partnering with the Tribe to develop a project that provides stream bank stabilization and improves the habitat.

About the Project

This project proposes to use a combination of woody material, streambed gravel, and plantings to stabilize streambanks and provide sediment recruitment capacity within the channel. The intention is to slow erosion and allow the channel to return to a more natural state. The proposed project reach begins immediately downstream of the 64th Street East culvert crossing to Swan Creek Park at Pioneer Way. Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2022.


Pierce County will leverage investments already made by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians by seeking grant funding and providing Surface Water Management Funds to complete the project.


David Davis
(253) 798-6157