Bridge #34195-A - Patterson Road East Culvert Replacement (CRP 5868)

What's Happening

Engineering: Pierce County has completed a field survey and is in the preliminary design stage.

Land: Right-of-Way needs will be evaluated.

Environmental: Necessary environmental permits will be obtained.

About the Project

Planned improvements at Patterson Road East (CRP 5868) at its crossing with an unnamed stream are intended to replace the existing culvert, including the following:
  • Removing the existing 42" culvert.
  • Constructing a concrete box culvert. This structure will have two lanes with paved shoulders.
  • Patterson Road East will remain open during construction.

Project Timeline

Fall 2018 to Fall 2019: Surveying, preliminary engineering and right-of-way plans. 

Fall 2019 to Spring 2021: Right-of-way acquisition, environmental documentation, construction plans, specifications and estimates.

Summer 2021: