Nollmeyer Lane Security Improvements

New Security Gate Access Starting December 3

The gates on Nollmeyer Lane will soon be operational. These gates will provide increased security to the area between the Jail and the County-City Building. Pedestrians wishing to access the CCB are encouraged to cross Nollmeyer in the cross walk up the hill from the security booth and enter the CCB through the Main Entrance.

  1. General Public Access
  2. Employee Access
  3. Delivery & Service Vehicles
  4. Fire & Emergency Responders Access

The general public and others wishing to use the bail release window will need to press the “Push to Talk” button on the Stentofon to be granted access into the secure area. Their movements will be monitored by on-site security via cameras.

Project Overview

Major components of the project include relocating the parking toll booth, adding fencing along the top of the planter wall, and placing gates across the drive lanes near the bottom of the hill.

  • Improve site safety and security through fencing and access gate upgrades 
  • Clear and consistent access to public and jury parking by relocating the security booth and gates 
  • Alleviating site erosion and run o issues with revised grading and paving improvements Improving delivery vehicle access and circulation through enhanced security measures.

Contact Information

Dean Paxson
Construction Project Manager
(253) 798-7592

Ed Casey
Security Manager
(253) 798-6184