Kapowsin Well Drill

Project Update

June 9: The well drillers completed a 24-hour pump test and took another set of water quality samples that have been submitted to the testing lab. We are waiting to receive these water quality test results. We are also scheduling a meeting with regulatory, funding, and operations stakeholders to discuss next steps. We will share additional information as it becomes available and is evaluated by our team.

May 18: The contractor will be onsite this week performing a pump test. The test will help us evaluate the quantity of water that the well can produce.

April 30: The contractor drilled to the original specification of 600 feet. Initial estimates showed that the flow rate was less than the 13.2 gallon per minute minimum required for the water system. Pierce County requested that the contractor continue drilling to 800 feet to improve flow rate. They have now reached that depth with an estimated flow rate above the minimum requirement. Water quality samples are being collected and will be processed by a laboratory. Results should be available in two weeks. Tacoma Pump and Drilling Co. has completed the drilling portion of this contract, will install a cap on the well bore hole and begin removing equipment from the site. We will provide an update once we have water quality results back from the laboratory.  

About the project

Pierce County was court-appointed as the receiver of the Kapowsin Water District (KWD) on November 29, 2017. Pierce County has been tasked to provide a safe and reliable water supply for the 40-connection water district to meet receivership provisions and comply with current Department of Health standards. 

This two-phase project will build a new well and water treatment system on the same property where the current water treatment building is located. 

Pierce County has secured federal and state grants for the well drilling project to reduce costs for KWD customers. Project costs beyond grant funding will be covered by KWD customers.


Full details about the Kapowsin Water District receivership is available at www.piercecountywa.gov/kwd.

Phase 1 – Drill well 

  • Construction start – March 2020
  • Construction end – June 2020
  • Drill first well. If unsuccessful at first site, then a second well will be planned and drilled under another contract.
  • Contractor may require a few weeks of off-site fabrication work.
  • Test the water source and determine if quantity and quality of the water source is adequate
  • Determine if any additional storage or treatment is needed

  • Project #: P-110752
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $1.2 - $1.53 million
  • Phase 1 Construction Contractor: Tacoma Pump & Drilling Co. Inc.
  • Phase 2 Construction Contractor: TBD

Phase 2 – Install well equipment, water delivery pipes and treatment system

  • Construction start – 2021 (exact month to be determined)
  • Construction end – 2022
  • Install well pumping equipment, piping to existing treatment building, treatment system, chemical dosing skids, backwash pond and standby generator. Some project elements depend on water quality and quantity reached for the well.
  • Project components to be determined include: treatment of pH; upgrades to existing electrical system, control/communication system and booster pump; mechanical ventilation.
  • Other possible site improvements include additional water storage, site security (fencing) and decommissioning of obsolete equipment.
Funding Sources

  • $500,000 Drinking Water Emergency Fund grant from Washington State Dept. of Health
  • $500,000 USDA Rural Development grant

How will this project affect you?

Construction work will typically occur weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some work may be conducted at night. A pump test running at least 24 hours will occur at the end of the well drilling project. Neighbors located closest to the well site will notice typical construction noise. 

Project contacts

Jeff Roscoe P.E.
Construction Engineering Supervisor
(253) 798-2119
Lois Wilson P.E. 
Project Engineer 
(253) 798-4110