Fairfax washout

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What’s happening

Pierce County has finalized repair plans after a Feb. 6 washout of Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East near Manley Moore Road East. Our repair work is expected to start in April.

Road closure in effect

Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East remains closed between Mowich Lake Road East and Manley Moore Road East due to the washout.

Do not go past “road closed” barricades. The road is not stable and the washout continues to slowly grow. 

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Repair work expected to start in April

A geotechnical engineer assessed the damaged roadway Feb. 11 and provided a final report March 6. Pierce County will stabilize the area using rock fill and rebuild the road surface.

Utility relocation work was completed March 26. Our work is expected to start in April and will take about four weeks. Once our work is complete, we expect to reopen the road. Our work hours will be 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Heavy equipment will be staged near the site of the washout once the repair work is underway. Expect to see work trucks in the area during work hours. 

Updates about this schedule will be posted as they are available.

Alternative access plan underway

Pierce County continues to work on an alternate access plan for residents. We are currently seeking permission from private property owners to establish an access route.

This route will be closed, except to residents, authorized personnel and emergency services. The route is subject to change at any time, including complete closure.

Carbon River erosion

Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East was eroded at the Mount Rainier National Park gate by high water levels of the Carbon River. We are still evaluating this site and will work with the National Park Service to develop options for park access once the washout repairs are made.

Resident needs

Pierce County Emergency Management is available to discuss any needs of residents living near the washout. Please contact the department if you need assistance at (253) 798-6595 or pceoc@piercecountywa.gov.


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