Sumner Avanza

Message from the Teacher

Welcome to Sumner Avanza

Sumner Avanza is a dual language learning program that is geared toward supporting children’s home language. Children will have opportunities to grow and learn in a bilingual environment while celebrating the uniqueness that each family brings to our program. Children whose first language is Spanish will learn English and children whose first language is English will learn Spanish.  

Preschool is an important time in children’s lives where they are learning who they are as a person, how to handle their emotions, build relationships, and develop social skills. It’s a steppingstone into the big world of kindergarten.

Children who attend our program will learn:

Social Emotional skills: how to self-regulate and make friends

Physical Development: fine and gross motor building

Language skills: learn how to have a conversation and build vocabulary

Cognitive skills: learn problem solving skills

Literacy skills: letter recognition and learning their name and how to write it, pre-reading skills

Mathematics skills: number recognition, counting, sorting, grouping, addition and subtraction

Science skills: baking projects and conversations about the weather and how things work

At the end of each child’s time in ECEAP we hope that they are properly equipped with knowledge and skills to enter kindergarten ready to make a difference not just in their own lives, but the world around them.

For each family we hope to have empowered them along the way, that they become the advocating voice for their children during their education journey. We want children to continue to learn and build on the foundation that they have moving to kindergarten, middle school, high school, college and beyond.  Raising, teaching, equipping and advocating for their children and themselves as parents.


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