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Update on review times at the Development Center

This is a follow up to a message we sent in May about increased review times for all applications.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through a busy summer season. We are continuing our efforts to:

  • Focus on single-family residential applications with a goal of first review within 15 days of receiving payment.
  • Offer flexible working options for our staff, including overtime, to increase productivity
  • Schedule “Clear the Deck” Saturdays, when plans examiners work to catch up on applications
  • Increase third party reviews
  • Provide clearer comments in our permitting system to avoid unnecessary delays

We also asked for your help to reduce review times. Many of you have been taking advantage of our online processes—thank you!

We have noticed an increase in the number of application submittals that are not complete. To help us process applications and reviews, please:
  • Submit complete applications—Please include all documents and forms required on our submittal standards. The time spent tracking incomplete applications can double the processing time for approvals.
  • Bundle submittals of additional information (Re-submittals)—Package your resubmittals into one submittal that addresses all requested information.
  • Submit (and resubmit) your applications electronically—To keep our staff focused on processing electronic applications, please skip the trip to the Development Center and submit online. Applications accepted at the Development Center will be put in the same processing queue as electronic submittals.
  • Request submittal standards online through the Ask the Development Center portal. Just upload a site plan and other pertinent information to receive your submittal standard within 48 hours.
  • Be patient and understand there may be longer delays in answering phone messages and emails.

I will continue to monitor workload and review times and will implement additional measures if we don't see improvement.

This is a collaborative effort, and together I believe we can continue to provide timely and reliable application review over the busy summer months.

Thank you for your understanding and help!


Melanie Halsan
Assistant Director
Pierce County Planning and Public Works

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